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Shuffle Cover Art


Discover songs by Shuffling them, randomly.

Created: April 20, 2024

Audio Player Cover Art

Audio Player

A multi-format audio player, with some cool features.

Created: April 18, 2024

Simple Customizable Clock Cover Art

Simple Customizable Clock

A simple clock, that just so happens to have some customization options.

Created: April 8, 2024

Local Storage Cover Art

Local Storage

Use your browser's local storage with some simple HTML/CSS UI. Use this as temporary storage.

Created: August 29, 2023

UTube Search Cover Art

UTube Search

I, along with many, don't like YouTube's built-in search. So here's a dedicated search engine for YouTube. (powered by GCSE)

Created: August 3, 2023

Tib (TinyWeb) Cover Art

Tib (TinyWeb)

A search engine powered by its users. Submit URL's to make the search smarter. (powered by GCSE)

Created: March 3, 2022